Sunday, December 13, 2009

I look at my children and see how blessed I am. They are safe. They are loved. They are healthy. Their needs are meet, they may not have their wants but 2 and 3 year olds want everything. They are healthy.
This week I found out that a woman that I used to work with son has lymphoma, stage 4. He is in middle school. He is very smart. He knows what is going on. I can't even being to image what Jennifer is going through. As Moms we make sure that are kids are safe from all dangers, but this on is one that you never see coming until it is all right there threatening your child's life. Why does it always take something like this to open our eyes to what we have? I know that I have be every so much more thankful for the health and happiness of my children, nothing means more to me than that. Then on the other hand it scares me to think what might be down the road for one of my boys, but then that is a pretty big might. One never knows what is wanting down the road. Love your children, be thankful they are safe, happy, loved, and happy.