Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ahhh it has been awhile. Since June? Wow. No much has changed, the pain has eased up, it is still there and the missing is still there. Today I was thinking about Thanksgiving, we always go to the Smith House, that was our Thanksgiving/Christmas gift from Nanny. It was her wish that after her death that we keep going. I was wondering how it was going to go, of course it will not be the same. Half of the family is not going to come, or so I think. But we must go one. 
Shane is still the same, crap, he is never going to change. He did pay 1 child support payment, only because he was about to go to jail. What is up with men not wanting to take care of their children. There are some out there who do and actually they are the majority. Why, then, does mine have to be the minority. 
The boys, Riley is potty training, until now he has not wanted to but I have refused to buy pull-ups for him unless they are night time. Aiden has turned 2 and the day that he turned to the terrible 2s hit. Got one coming out and one going into of the terrible 2s, but that is what I get for having them so close.