Friday, November 6, 2009

Brother's EX

Okay now I know that it take 2 to make a marriage and it takes the same 2 to end a marriage. For some unknown reason my brother wants to try to get back together with his ex. I am trying my best to put all things a side for my brother's happiness. I think that we all can agree that what she did and how she went about things were hurtfully and wrong. God teaches forgiveness and I am trying to so just that! I have extended invitations which she never accepts.  We welcomed her into our family no questions asked, even though she was carrying another man's baby. We even accepted the baby no questions ask, came to think of him as our own. Love doesn't always see blood, it see what the heart wants it to see. Timmy, how I miss him. If they happen not to get back together he will never know how much we love him, even to this day! She said the she would never take Timmy away from us no matter what happened between her and Chris, well guess what! She did! And that hurts like hell, it has almost been like morning a death, except that we know that he is okay and happy. Will she break my brother's heart again?