Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

Well as always there is not much going on in my dull and boring life. I did run around today trying to have papers served on Shane. I have to have them filed at the Jackson County Court House, at least know I know where I have to go. Ya know this sucks having to go through all of this, having the papers severed and having to file the contempt papers, I shouldn't have to be doing this but because Shane wants to be a deadbeat this is now part of my life. Oh well. So other than that there is nothing going on, Like I said dull and boring. I am trying NOT to develop a crush on someone, so far it has not be so hard. Not sure if I am ready for that step, but who knows. I have tried it my way now I am going to try it God's way and when He knows that I am ready, well then it will happen but until then there are so many other things to keep me busy.