Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 5th

Well today was not so bad. There is not much that I can complain about and that in itself is a huge blessing. I have, for some strange reason, decided to wash the walls. Yes wash the walls, there are 2 smokers in the house and they could use it and it keeps me moving. I am becoming more and more domesticated. Note for a string ray sting put the affected area in hot water, it breaks down the vemon, yes I know that was completly random, I am watching Ocean Force on Tru Tv. So back to the day. So I cleaned the house, when to the health department, and went to Kroger, and cooked super. Yes like I said before I am becoming more and more domesticated. Lucky me. Well now we see what tommorow holds. Oh mom has the shingles, sucks for her, not a good what to start the new year. Riley and Aiden were both really good today. Aiden is beating the wall, kid doesn't want to go to sleep and Riley has to have a collection of toys in his bed before he can go to bed.