Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th

Well we have a new President. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I hope that he will be a good President and that he will follow God, but only time will tell. Aiden is running a temp again, it is only 100.9. Has been on Omincef for an ear infection since the 14th, a one week today he and has a follow up check on the 27th next Tuesday since he had an ear infection last month. Not sure what to do up check an eye on him. Riley wants Chocolateberry milk. Strange story. Bye for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th

Okay so I need to go back to yesterday. I am not ruling out dating, if someone where to ask, which is doutful that anyone will, and if I like them then I would say yes. I am not going to sit around. My life being boring, that would be my social life and that is my fault. Long story. Working on things though.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

Well as always there is not much going on in my dull and boring life. I did run around today trying to have papers served on Shane. I have to have them filed at the Jackson County Court House, at least know I know where I have to go. Ya know this sucks having to go through all of this, having the papers severed and having to file the contempt papers, I shouldn't have to be doing this but because Shane wants to be a deadbeat this is now part of my life. Oh well. So other than that there is nothing going on, Like I said dull and boring. I am trying NOT to develop a crush on someone, so far it has not be so hard. Not sure if I am ready for that step, but who knows. I have tried it my way now I am going to try it God's way and when He knows that I am ready, well then it will happen but until then there are so many other things to keep me busy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 5th

Well today was not so bad. There is not much that I can complain about and that in itself is a huge blessing. I have, for some strange reason, decided to wash the walls. Yes wash the walls, there are 2 smokers in the house and they could use it and it keeps me moving. I am becoming more and more domesticated. Note for a string ray sting put the affected area in hot water, it breaks down the vemon, yes I know that was completly random, I am watching Ocean Force on Tru Tv. So back to the day. So I cleaned the house, when to the health department, and went to Kroger, and cooked super. Yes like I said before I am becoming more and more domesticated. Lucky me. Well now we see what tommorow holds. Oh mom has the shingles, sucks for her, not a good what to start the new year. Riley and Aiden were both really good today. Aiden is beating the wall, kid doesn't want to go to sleep and Riley has to have a collection of toys in his bed before he can go to bed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan. 4th

I guess the best place to start would be with a little bit about me and mine.

I am, Amanda aka Mommy, Manders, or Bitch (as the ex would perfer :P.) I have two wonderful boys; Riley, 2 1/2, and Aiden, 1. I am divorced and have been since September 2008, trust me it is better this way. I am a lot happier this way and the boys are better off. I am currently laid off and am working one going back to school. I am still working on getting my life back together, somehow I allowed my life not be my own while I was with the ex. I have one brother, Chris, who is in Iraq at the present time, he is a civilan contractor. This is our thrid trip over there. i say our because even though he is the one that is over there, it affects the whole family, he is over there so part of our hearts are over there. Me and the boys live with my Mom and Dad, it has it ups and downs.

Riley Jackson, aka Riley Jack. Born March 7th, 2006. My First born. He loves all the boy things, trucks, monster trucks, Thomas the Train, soccer ball (as he calls it), coloring, and beating up on his little bro. He also is starting to get into movies, I think that he has watched cars so much that he knows every line, and he is getting into the Mummy, which does not bother me because those are so of my favs.

Aiden Jacob, aka Aiden Jake. Born October 10th, 2007. The baby. He is his own. He is into trying to stay out of his brothers way, at least until he is big enough to fight his back. He loves anything with wheels that he can push and loves walking he walks just to walk, he is so funny. He is learning to talk and uses his baby jabber all of the time and points his little index finger and everything that he is talking about, he is a sight. So funny. Oh and loves to play with the computer.

Maddie Sue, aka Maddie, Giz, Gizmo, the list could on and on...... Born July 13th, 2001. My "first born." Maddie is my dog, she is a Chihuahua. She has been with me through a lot, sometimes is felt like is was the only one. Maddie enjoys puppy treats and laying around.

I almost forgot the newest member of the Waters Clan. Pickles. Pickles is a black cat that founds it way to Lakeside Plumbing. Skipper, the owners Chihuahua, and Pickles got in a fight or someone step on Pickles foot and it got hurt. So Pickles came to live with us. He is a good cat. He lets the boys play with him. He enjoys sitting outside and looking through the window when he is not in here with us.

Well this is my family. My little family of 3 plus one Chihahua and one cat. So maybe you will return and see what this years holds for us. I hope that you do and I hope that this year is a good year.